BEAT Bottle Drive

Thursday, May 07, 2020 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

As the Brentwood community shifts into the first weekend of May, the Brentwood Environmental Action Team rests not - for mother nature takes no days off.

Earlier in the year, Ms Richardson and her BEAT squad had planned a bottle drive to raise funds to donate to local charities. Brentwood staff and families were meant to bring their refundables to campus to be sorted, and then picked up by the Ladysmith Bottle Depot crew. This proved a rather difficult task however, with the campus being closed and all.

The Norman-Richardson family decided to take one for the team and have all of the local Brentwood families drop off recycling at their house.

Upon arrival, Mr Ganley and I ran into the Mr Norman duo working on a climbing wall they were building off of their shed. While Mr Norman Jr continued on the outdoor bouldering gym, Mr Norman Sr took us around to the garden at the front of the property to unload the goods. As Mr Ganley and I pulled out of the driveway to make our way back home, Mr and Mrs Whitney pulled up to the house ready to unpack their own stash of empties. The delivery weekend began in earnest.

“We figured it would be too difficult to have everyone bring their bottles and cans onto campus, and then try and have the truck come pick them up” Quin N, Alex ‘20 explained. “But the Bottle Depot suggested we collect everything at our house and they could come pick it up from us.”

“Thank you to Ms Ricardson and her family for organizing this excellent service project!” Mr Ganley noted.

The Norman-Richardson family will repeat this performance in early June. Local families - save your returnables, so that while the world has us tied down, we can still make it a better place.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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