Tuesday, November 06, 2018 - By: Mrs Reynolds & Mr Skardal; Photo by Mr Michael Donegani

Saturday’s lashing rain in Nanaimo made the hilly 6.2 km course a slimy mud bath: cross country perfection! 

Suzanna G was undaunted by the filthy conditions and finished the Senior girls’ race with an impressive time of 27:29. 

The boys’ team of Keaton H, Sunil C, Hugh R & Juan NP finished 13th of 30 teams, with Keaton coming 12th in a field of nearly 300. The team is grateful to the Heisterman family for their coaching, and for generously hosting the runners and Suzanna’s mum.

Thanks also to Evan D and his father, along with Jean-Louw M, who braved the dreadful conditions to cheer on the athletes; we thank Mr Donegani for his superb photos.

Mrs Reynolds & Mr Skardal

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