BC Cross Country Championships

Thursday, November 09, 2017 - By: Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34

With stunning vistas of the harbour and West Vancouver, Jericho Beach Park welcomes leisurely visitors; cyclists and runners enjoy its winding, car-free paths; on Saturday, November 4 it also challenged 1100 of the province’s most intense cross country runners with a gruelling 5 km course for the BC High School Championship.

Six of those runners were some of Brentwood’s fittest: survivors of local and Islands qualifiers who gave up part of their Midterm Break to test themselves against BC’s best.

Madi H, Hope ’17, who earned Silver at Islands two weeks ago, and has recently signed a letter of commitment with the University of Washington for a scholarship, finished 6th in the Senior Girls event.

Madi’s younger brother, Keaton H, Privett ’19 also shone, finishing second in a tight race in the Junior Boys category. Keaton’s stellar performance led the Brentwood Junior Boys team to a 6th place finish. Keaton’s teammates amongst BC’s finest were Hugh R, Privett ’19, Callum OC, Privett ’19 & Jack NG, Ellis ’20. Callum’s older brother, Ori BC, Privett ’17, also finished in the top 3rd of the field in the Senior Boys race.

Many thanks to XC coaches Mrs Reynolds and Mr Skardal who rose before dawn to catch the ferry to support the team and particularly to parent and coach Mr Tyler Heisterman for his expertise, enthusiasm and time - Nanaimo’s John Barsby SS, which Mr Heisterman also coaches, earned Silver as a Junior Boys team. Mrs Mandy Heisterman, who helped coordinate Brentwood’s team with unwavering good cheer, also deserves our thanks.

They led us on quite a run!

Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34

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