Basketball By Colours

Tuesday, November 05, 2019 - By: Jensa NG, Mackenzie ‘23; Photo by Sophie H, Hope ‘21

Stakes are high, energy even higher! All students, tall and small, are on their feet. Hearts are pumping, teams are cheering. Interhouse basketball is one of the most -  if not THE most - thrilling interhouse events.

Noise travels across Wheaton Gym in the Eldon & Anne Foote Athletic Center as games commence. Most games are off to a pleasing start: Ellis seniors and Whittall seniors both win their first games, followed by Privett and Whittall juniors coming away with close victories. Up next were the girl’s semi-finals with Mackenzie taking a convincing win over the hard-working Allard mermaids. Hope all-stars win a close one over Alex. “I didn’t realize how much fun this night was going to be, I really got to bond with other girls in my house!” said Katie C, Hope ‘22.

After an anxious and demanding night, Mackenzie/Ellis and Whittall/Alex are tied for first with Hope/Privett not far off. “I can say without a doubt this year’s interhouse ball is one of the best I’ve seen in my whole career at Brentwood” observed Mr Gage, our Head of Athletics. After the exhausting night, all the basketball coaches were incredibly pleased and excited for the upcoming season.

Jensa NG, Mackenzie ‘23

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