Ballin’ Into The New Year

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - By: Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

While the majority of Brentwood’s students and staff were soaking in the last few days of all-day pajamas and hot-cocoa while graciously waiting for time to expire on their winter holiday, a select group of determined, predominantly statuesque, gargantuan, sky-scraping athletes returned to school for a week-long training camp in preparation for their competitive season.

Can you guess which group of lanky lads I am referring to?

Brentwood’s Senior Boys Basketball team arrived haggardly on Wednesday, January 5th  for their 1 o'clock practice. The squad’s practice schedule was usually one morning practice - between 10 and 12 - and one evening training session at 4:30pm. Head Coach, and Head of Athletics, Mr. Gage also scheduled two games against Island competition, Nanaimo District (NDSS) and Lambrick Park.

This time was used by the boys to “refresh our memories and learn some new plays” observed Avik B, Privett ‘23, to help the team dominate on the Island, and hopefully qualify for Provincials, where, in recent years, they have come third and first. After losing dynamic guard and Co-Captain Shaw B Ellis ‘21, as well as Jack NG, Ellis ’21, Tyrone O, Ellis ‘21, Ifeanyi A, Whittall ‘21, and Olin D, Whittall ‘21, the program was without the majority of their starting lineup from last year.

However, this was just the task Cannon F, Dylan G, and the rest of the squad were ready for. With only one player from the ‘20 team that managed to come third in the province - just before the Covid pandemic hit - you could rightly call Brentwood the underdogs. However, after the boys pulled off a 3 point win over number 1 ranked AA Lambrick Park Lions, thanks to outstanding performances by Dylan G, Whittall ‘23 and Milan P, Privett ‘24, they made a name for themselves. The following day the team managed a convincing 30 point win over AAAA NDSS, which set them off on the right foot for the remainder of their season.

Upcoming games against Vanier and AAAA Belmont this week should be a great opportunity to get their name out there and hopefully rise in the provincial rankings. The training camp was a “complete success” added Tommy M, Privett ‘23, and the boys are looking forward to having more games that will give them the opportunity to “gel as a team” said Dylan G, ‘23 - and have a very successful season.

Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

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