Baked Goods for Peru

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - By: Gina B, Mackenzie ‘17

In just three and a bit weeks time, twenty students will be travelling on their service trip to Cusco, Peru. On Monday February 15th, they held a bake sale to raise funds for their service project. This project will be help improve living conditions for students in Peru. 

The group of Brentwood students sold cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and many other goodies to hungry passersby at dinner on Monday. In only about an hour they raised almost $200 for the cause! This money will all be going to the charity Mosqoy, a Canadian-Peruvian organization that sponsors kids from isolated Andean weaving communities to receive a post-secondary education and living space in Cusco. This allows them to have better opportunities for jobs, thus ending the poverty cycle for their communities. A unique part of the Andean people’s culture is their unique weavings, and Mosqoy also promotes free trade for these products, and thus conserves the cultural identity of the Andean people.

The Brentwood students are extremely excited for their trip, and are super grateful for all the donations that have been received from students and parents. The money is going to a great cause, and the students get some delicious treats because of it! 

Gina B, Mackenzie ‘17

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