Back On The Ice

Saturday, October 17, 2020 - By: Dale F, Whittall ‘21

As the hockey program starts back up at Brentwood, many of the kids are excited to be lacing up their skates for the first time in a long time. Due to COVID, many of us were not able to get any ice time over the past few months, so it was understandable that we were a bit rusty.

The program runs on a three day schedule: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the team heads to one of two of the dressing rooms based on which cohort they are a part of and gets changed into their hockey equipment, with the exception of their helmets, gloves and skates which they bring with them to the arena. After getting ready, we put on our masks and hop on the bus to head to the Kerry Park rink.

At the rink, we head to the warm room to put our skates on. I asked my friend Josh H, Whittall ‘21 how he has found having to home-dress before each practice and he said “It has been a lot more smelly on the bus and in the dressing rooms, but at least we’re able to get back out on the ice.”

The hockey has been incredible, and everyone is thrilled to be able to practice with each other and prepare for the chance that we may be able to have games later in the season. Our phenomenal coaches Mr Interlandi, Mr Desandoli, Mr Robinson and Mr Shadlock have really put their all into making sure we are all shaking the rust out and gaining the required skills to compete against other schools when the time comes.

Our on-ice time usually involves an hour of running drills to fine tune our passing, shooting and skating. After that usually involves some sort of competitive game or shoot out as a bit of fun to end the practice.

At the moment, Saturday mornings have created an energetic way to start our day, and involves an hour and twenty minute, 7AM practice. The morning practice leaves us with the rest of the afternoon off to enjoy our weekend, which many find worth the early wakeup. Nick P,  said he felt that the Saturday practice “provided a fresh start to the morning and allowed us to have much more time to rest and relax after classes.”

Getting back on the ice has been incredibly fun and thrilling. I am excited to see how the boys do in the following weeks to come, and watch all of us improve together as a team.

Dale F, Whittall ‘21

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