Awesome Training Day with Canada’s Women’s 7’s Players and Head Coach

Friday, January 25, 2019 - By: Jotei B, Allard ‘19; Photo by Tim Van Vliet

This past Saturday, the Brentwood Women's Rugby team had the pleasure of meeting and training with the Senior Women's National Sevens Team Coach, Mr Tait, as well as world renowned players Bianca Farella, Tausani Levale, Karen Paquin and Pamphinette Buisa. 

Mr Tait and the Canadian 7’s players guided the Brentwood girls through offensive and defensive skills. Senior Brentwood player, Onyinyechukwu O, stated “I enjoyed how they went into the specifics of different skills. It was never an overview of the general technique. They broke each part down and made sure that we were able to master that part before we moved on to anything else. It was definitely a nice change to better improve an essential and common skill rather than just doing it and moving on.”

Receiving advice from international players was an exceptional learning experience for all of the girls. These are women that all aspiring rugby players look up to as supermodels of their sport. It is thrilling just to watch them play on TV, but having the opportunity to train with them is something that many can only dream of. 

New and experienced players all learned new strategies and techniques as Mr Tait and the National 7’s players introduced new drills and vocabulary as well as reinforced knowledge that players had already learned. They started out very basic and built on the players’ progress step by step, until the entire team was able to play a full contact scrimmage and apply the skills they had just practiced. 

Thanks to Mr Tait, Bianca, Tausani, Karen and Pamphinette for sharing their expertise, time and passion. 

Jotei B, Allard ‘19

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