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Friday, April 29, 2016 - By: Caitlin C, Hope ‘17; Photo by Ella B, Mackenzie '17

I've had many people tell me that rowing looks easy, that during races the rowers look effortless. At a huge event like the Brentwood Regatta, where thousands of talented rowers are competing, it’s easy to forget how much effort and work goes into preparing for a race. 

The Brentwood Rowing program has been practicing for months for Regatta. 

During the last week of Spring Break the varsity rowers came back early for a training camp at Shawnigan Lake: they spent a week working on technique, power, and burning off the slothfulness of holiday. 

When school resumed and the sun started to rise earlier, Brentwood rowers woke up with the sun for an early morning row before breakfast at least twice a week. During these early rows, with the perfect water, we worked on power: pure, raw power. Then, during our daily afternoon practices, when the water was less than ideal, we would work on technique, from catch drills to one armed rowing.

As Regatta drew closer, our crews added in a prep row (when we had practice during the first half of prep). At prep rows power was the focus. During our afternoon practices, focus shifted slightly from technique to race starts, practicing both speed and power as we “started” our race. 

The Brentwood crews tried to get as much time on the water as possible, because according to Sr. Girls Coach Mr. Wismer “the more time we have with our hands on the oars, the better.” but sometimes, as per usual with Mill Bay spring weather, the water would be too rough for a proper workout, and practice was moved into the erg room where the crews would focus on power as we completed erg pieces. 

With the Brentwood Regatta already upon us, we hope that all the preparation we’ve done will earn Brentwood some medals. Good luck to all Brentwood rowers and row hard!

Caitlin C, Hope ‘17

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