Athletics Round-Up

Thursday, April 03, 2014 - By: Blake Gage

Competitive tennis, rugby, rowing, and girls’ soccer are all getting underway this term. Without question, the highlight in April will be the 44th Annual Brentwood Regatta running April 25-27. While this is one of the largest and most highly regarded high school regattas in North America, it has become much more than just a series of 140 rowing races. With almost 4,000 guests to Brentwood’s campus, the entire school will work all weekend long to ensure these visitors have a first class experience.

Entrepreneurship classes will be running their ventures, our musicians will be displaying their talent on stage, many of our buildings will be converted to dormitories and our fields turned into parking lots. The dining hall and facilities staff will be working overtime and every student and teacher will have a set of tasks to complete: the end project is always well worth the work and the festival atmosphere is one that all will certainly enjoy. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle will be some 1,800 rowers competing on the water. It promises to be another amazing weekend for Brentwood - Good luck to all our rowers and coaches!

Mr. Blake Gage, Athletics Director

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