Athletics Review

- By: Blake Gage

Spring has sprung, and so has third term sport. The Brentwood fields, courts and waterfront are flooded with a full array of sports action. Our junior rugby team has returned from its UK tour where the boys fully immersed themselves in Welsh culture. They quickly established some wonderful relationships with the teams who hosted us, visited museums, castles, hiked the Welsh wilderness and in their spare time played some very competitive rugby.  It was a terrific tour and has our boys poised and ready for the Spring term.

Our rowing program was also busy over the break. Thirty-three athletes and four coaches participated in a five day training camp at Shawnigan Lake School. The team managed to get in roughly 200 km of water training over the 14 practices. They also ventured into Victoria for one afternoon to watch the Brown Cup Races between UVIC and UBC and participated in the Amazing Race - Brentwood Rowing version. The training camp was very successful and our rowers are ready and raring to go for the competitive season.

Similarly, our golf, tennis, girls rugby, and girls soccer teams are all gearing up for their competitive seasons. One highlight this month was the CAIS National Rugby Championship which we hosted right here at Brentwood, April 15-17. There were 8 boys teams and 8 girls teams from across the country participating in this three-day event. Our senior boys First XV came second in the competition making it to the final versus Shawnigan.

The main event for the school in April will be the 44th Annual Brentwood Regatta running April 29 –Mar 1. While this is one of the largest and most highly regarded high school regattas in North America, it has become much more than just a series of rowing races. With almost 4,000 visitors to Brentwood’s campus, the entire school will work all weekend long to ensure these visitors have a first class experience.  

Entrepreneurship classes will be running their ventures, our musicians will be displaying their talent on stage, many of our buildings will be converted to dormitories and our fields turned into parking lots. The dining hall and facilities staff will be working overtime and each and every student and teacher will have a set of tasks to complete, but the end project is always well worth the work and the festival atmosphere is one that all will certainly enjoy. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle will be some 1,800 rowers competing on the water.

With the sun shining and so much action to be taken in outdoors, the third term is always an exciting one for Brentwood athletics and we look forward to what lies ahead.

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