Athletics Review Term Two

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 - By: Mr. Blake Gage

While the campus was quiet over Spring Break, many of our student-athletes were extremely busy. The first group that deserves mention is the Senior Boys Basketball team which spent its break winning Brentwood’s first ever AA Provincial Basketball title! The boys went into the tournament as the #1 seed and steamrolled their way to the final where they faced their Island rival, St Michael’s University School.

We are not sure if it was nerves, fatigue, or perhaps being overwhelmed by the moment, but for whatever reason, Brentwood came out as cold as ice, and more disturbingly, struggled to contain SMUS at the defensive end of the floor. Brentwood went into the half trailing by 11 and things did not look good. The cold shooting continued in the second half as Brentwood struggled to convert on some great opportunities. Fortunately, at the defensive end of the floor, the team got back to what they had been doing so well all year and proceeded to absolutely lock down the SMUS offense holding them to 13 second-half points. Some timely threes and terrific offensive rebounding finally got Brentwood the offense they were looking for and they pulled ahead for good half way through the fourth quarter and finished with a hard earned 54-44 victory. Needless to say, the school was extraordinarily proud of their accomplishment.

Our rowing team was also very active over break as they headed off to California for a Spring Training Camp. Debbie Sage, our Head of Rowing reported:“When our group of 43 athletes departed school on March 9th, we left the very cold, dark, wet weather that we have been having for the last three months. Upon landing in Orange County, California after a three hour flight, there were many happy faces. We were greeted with sunshine and a temperature of 26C. What more could we ask for?

Again this year our home away from home for the week was the Newport Aquatic Club, a great place to row, with a beach launch, fantastic facilities and proximity to everything we could possible need. We set up our trailer and boat racks in the sand parking lot and got ready to row as many kilometers as possible in the six days that we had on the water. The Brentwood kids spent two nights at the homes of some of the athletes from Newport and enjoyed being part of their families. We also went to Disneyland for a day and enjoyed the magic and the crowds. We spent most of our time on the water training, developing better skills, and trying our speed against all of the Newport crews. Our last team dinner was at Joe's Crab Shack, where Mrs. Amiel had a few awards to give out for actions and accomplishments that occurred during the week. With two or three practices a day, we put in a lot of kilometers. Going for a row on the last morning we reached our goal: 150 kms!

The trailer was loaded in record time and we were off to the airport to jet off in many directions to finish the rest of March Break. Ask any of the athletes and coaches and they will tell you we had a blast, even with the blistered hands that ended up looking like boxers gloves ready to go into the ring with all the tape. A special thank you to all the coaches: Mrs Amiel, Mr Braithwaite, Mr Carr, Mrs Sage, Mr Wismer and our special boatmen, Warren & Weldon Featherstone, for everything they did to make this happen.”

Meanwhile, with our return from break, spring has sprung, and so has third term sport. The Brentwood fields, courts, and waterfront are flooded with a full array of sports action.  

Our golf (co-ed), tennis (boys and girls), rugby (boys and girls) and our girls soccer teams are all gearing up for their competitive seasons. Looking ahead, the main event for the school in April will be the 47th Annual Brentwood Regatta running April 28 –30. While this regatta is one of the largest and most highly regarded high school regattas in North America, it has become much more than just a series of 130 rowing races. With almost 4,000 visitors to Brentwood’s campus, the entire school will work all weekend long to ensure these visitors have a first class experience.

Entrepreneurship classes will be running their ventures, our musicians and artists will be displaying their talent on stage and in the galleries, many of our buildings will be converted to dormitories, and our fields turned into parking lots. The dining hall and facilities staff will be working overtime and each and every student and teacher will have a set of tasks to complete, but the end result is always well worth the work: the festival atmosphere is one that all will certainly enjoy. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle will be some 1,800 rowers competing on the water.  

With the sun shining and so much action to be taken in outdoors, the third term is always an exciting one for Brentwood athletics and we look forward to what lies ahead.

Mr. Blake Gage

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