Asian Invasion at Regatta

Wednesday, May 01, 2019 - By: Nadia K, Hope ‘19

Every year, a popular attraction at the annual Brentwood Regatta is the entre booths. Entrepreneurship 12, a course taught by Mr. Branchflower, gives students the opportunity to put together a food service business and operate it at the Regatta where they treat the guests and school to a variety of food choices. 

A popular booth this year was Asian Invasion run by Alannah G, Asia C & Evan L. They started putting together their ideas back in November, and decided on doing Asian style food because the three members all have Asian roots, and because they felt it was food they would want to buy. Their menu consisted of fried rice, stir fry, gyoza and Vietnamese lemonade, all items which were easily decided on by the group. When asked where she learned how to cook, Alannah replied “From my mom”. 

After setting up on the Founder’s Plaza amongst the rest of the entre booths, some challenges they faced on the first day was “remembering how to make it, and not realizing how long people would have to wait” but by the second day, Alannah noted that “Day 1 helped us figure out our problems, making the second day even more successful.” 

If we had a Golden Spatula award for the hardest working team over the weekend, it would have to go to Asian Invasion. They took a lot of pride in their product and refused to take any shortcuts. All of the fresh vegetable were prepared by hand and no pre-packaged or frozen alternatives touched their grill when they were putting on their show - other than the udon. Their customers were extremely patient with wait time and there were no complaints voiced as they gobbled down their much-anticipated delicious meal, so it was obviously worth the wait” observed Mr Branchflower.

All the Entre booths at this year’s 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta came out a success and we’re excited to see what next year’s entre classes will produce. 

Nadia K, Hope ‘19 

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