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Friday, October 20, 2017 - By: Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

September and October have been buzzing with arts activities as studios and performance spaces welcomed our student artists back. The musical ensembles are tuning up for upcoming services and performances while both Musical Theatre and Senior Play have auditioned for productions. We have also added Public Speaking to the menu which has attracted students who enjoy the challenges of that experience, while in the Art 9 Rotation, one of our new faculty, Matthew Howe, is introducing musical theatre skills to all Grade 9s. Julie Luna has also joined us for Handbuilt Pottery and a block of Art Foundation.

The Arts Captains have been selected and will form the Arts Council, which meets on a regular base to implement initiatives and take leadership responsibilities in arts events, such as the upcoming American Thanksgiving Art show themed on the idea: “What drives me?” in the Centre for Arts.

Our first public performance on the Killy Stage will be our popular fundraising concert for the local food bank, Concert for a Winter’s Eve, with seats available December 7 and 8. Curtain at 7:30pm. These will be online in early November or at the door each evening.

The Musical Theatre company will revisit an old friend, Crazy for You, the Gershwin romantic musical comedy, for the spring show. With big production numbers set in the style of the 1930’s New York Follies, it is a crowd pleaser. Tickets will be available in early December for parents on our online booking system before we make them available to the public.

In his review in The New York TimesFrank Rich wrote, "When future historians try to find the exact moment at which Broadway finally rose up to grab the musical back from the British, they just may conclude that the revolution began last night. The shot was fired at the Shubert Theater, where a riotously entertaining show called Crazy for You uncorked the American musical’s classic blend of music, laughter, dancing, sentiment and showmanship with a freshness and confidence rarely seen during the Cats decade . . . Crazy for You scrapes away decades of cabaret and jazz and variety-show interpretations to reclaim the Gershwins’ standards, in all their glorious youth, for the dynamism of the stage."[1]

Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

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