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Friday, October 04, 2013 - By: Edna Widenmaier

There are musicals that speak to all times and all generations about human values, the individual, family and society. Brentwood’s Musical Theatre Company has started rehearsals on one the granddaddies of them all: Fiddler on the Roof scheduled for production February 25-March 1.

This affectionately humorous portrait of life in a Jewish village in Tsarist Russia centers on Teyve, a milkman –philosopher who finds his values challenged by his daughters’ insistence on following their hearts rather than the dictates of tradition. Meanwhile, more sinister changes are on the horizon-ones that challenge the community’s very existence.

After two weeks of auditions, the following students have been selected to take the lead roles in an ensemble cast of 50 students, supported by the Technical Theatre students.

  • Liam L: Tevye
  • Kira C: Golde
  • Youngeun L: Tzeitel
  • Emily B: Hodel
  • Rebecca M: Chava
  • Jocelyn K: Yente
  • Evan F: Motel
  • Nicholas W: Perchik
  • Rickus S: Fyedka

Tickets will be available on line in early December

Mrs. Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

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