Arts Mission 2013-14

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 - By: John Luna

In early October, the Arts Captains met with Pascale B (SEC Arts Rep) and Mrs. Widenmaier (Director of Arts) to collaborate on new initiatives bringing the Visual Arts programme into the spotlight. Opportunities for our student artists to have a broader audience for their work were discussed. One project enthusiastically supported was the “Artifacts” Art Opening, an official gallery show for parents coinciding with the Parent-Teacher interviews on November 9th. In addition to the excitement of sharing our student work with parents, everyone here on campus is looking forward to this art show, including the art instructors themselves.

The first show of the new school year is always interesting for the art teachers because each afternoon arts class (and this goes doubly for the Art AP cohort) has passed through the initial, uncertain, skill-building (and course-switching) phase of the term, and have begun to alchemize into a distinct creative group with its own sensibility. There is always an unexpected, and unexpectedly collaborative, element that emerges in any class. For the art instructors, part of the interest in the first exhibition is trying to discern it, and in turn present it back to students, faculty and parents, through the judicious selection of studies and projects. It is never quite what one expects, and as such, it allows others to participate a little in the organic, uncertain, productive, and therapeutic enterprise that takes place in the studios.

Come and enjoy this newest display of our student works and watch students creating art in the studios while enjoying some light refreshments and having the opportunity to talk to our artists about their work. No need to RVSP. If you are on campus for the Parent/Teacher meetings that day or are interested in popping by, please join us!

Saturday, November 9th
12pm – 2pm
Gallery, Centre for Art and Humanities
The Brentwood Campus

We look forward to seeing you there.

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