Arts Captains Commissioned!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - By: Jim Ganley, Privett '34

With the conviction that creativity fosters wellness, imagination, community and joy, Brentwood proudly offers a diverse range of arts across four hour-long periods each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
In the emotionally challenging time of the pandemic, these virtues are of heightened importance. To optimize these opportunities, a cadre of Arts Captains lead and support their individual art programs. This year, amid mitigation strategies, there is increased need and opportunity for student leadership to motivate, inspire, organize - and sanitize.
Below are the senior students who will be leading as we lean on the arts to offer us optimism, opportunity, beauty and celebration:

Stage and Screen                                      Olivia B
Art Foundation                                          Brenna LK
Drawing and Painting Co-Captains         Mia L & Evdokiia C
Musical Theatre Dance                             Grace P
Handbuilt Pottery                                     Hannah P, Robin A & Annika M
Dance Captain                                           Alice S
Vocal Ensemble                                        Peju A
Dance Assistants                                     Blanca G & Zosia S
Brentwood Broadcast                             Alice H
Yearbook Co-Captains                            Zoya M & Maddy W
Robotics Co-Captain                              Mahir A & Ben C
Musical Theatre Co-Captains                Emilee N & Anthony B
Pottery Co-Captains                               Karl D & Cate C
Jazz Band                                                  Justin L
Woodworking                                          Nicolas P  
Rock Band-Intermediate                     Denzy J
Debate Assistant Captains                Chiara L, Olivia S & Kennedy M
3-D Art and Sculpture                      Joshua A
String Ensemble                                McCoy F
Debate Captain                                 Callum M
Graphic Art & Design                          Jake W
Vocal Jazz Ensemble                           Ally D
Theatre Production Co-Captains      Michaela DCG & Hanno F
Rock Band-Advanced                        Sophie H
Photography                                      Nicole L     
Public Speaking                                 Freya P             
Senior Play                                        Zosia S
Vocal Ensemble                                Chase W
AP Art Studio                                    Rico X
Wind Ensemble                                Ankit B
Rock Band-Beginner                        Mark L
Rock Band-Composition                 Travis L
Model UN                                         Sean R

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