Arts Captains Commissioned!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - By: Ms Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

With the conviction that creativity fosters wellness, imagination, community and joy, Brentwood proudly offers a diverse range of arts across four periods each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
To optimize these opportunities, a cadre of student Arts Captains lead their peers and support teachers in their individual art programs. It is my pleasure and honour  to celebrate the senior students who will be leading, as we lean on the arts to offer us optimism, opportunity, beauty and celebration:

Captain of 3D Pottery: Chloe E
Captain of AP Studio Art: Gregor B
Captain of Art Foundation: Grace D
Co-Captains of Brentwood Broadcast: Philip A & Nathan O
Captain of Brentwood Livestream: Lucas K
Co-Captains of Dance: Megan T & Hannah W
Co-Captains of Debate: Lucinda G, Lisa M & Caiden T
Captain of Drawing and Painting: Jay R
Captain of Hand-Built Pottery: Solange SH
Captain of Jazz Band: Calvin W
Co-Captains of Musical Theatre: Elizabeth C & Eamon R
Captain of Musical Theatre Dance: Anna D
Co-Captains of Photography: Anh Thy V & Harrison S
Co-Captains of Public Speaking and Debate: Caiden T & Piper D
Co-Captains of Robotics: Sky S & Jade K
Captain of Advanced Rock Band: Steven G
Captain of Beginner Rock Band: Jack S
Captain of Compositional Rock Band: Jacob H
Captain of Intermediate Rock Band: Chloe H
Captain of Sculpture: Joshua A
Co-Captains of Senior Play: Nina B & Sopha PT
Captain of Stage and Screen: Robin C
Captain of Theatre Company: Michaela DCG
Co-Captains of Theatre Production: Sam B & Davis P
Co-Captains of Vocal Ensembles: Peju A & Julian W
Captain of Wind Ensemble: Buchannon F
Captain of Woodwork: Rory P
Co-Captains of Yearbook: Jule G & Kameel A

Ms Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

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