Arts Captains Announced

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 -

The Grade 12s who will be leading their respective arts this year were announced by Mrs. Widenmaier Thursday at Assembly.

SEC Arts Rep:         Michael G

Co-Captain of Drawing and Painting: Brady C

Co-Captain of Drawing and Painting: Eve

Captain of Foundation Art: Ella MK

Captain of Pottery:          Keiran MH

Captain of Hand Built Pottery: Clare G

Captain of 3-D Sculpture and Design: Jonathan M

Captain of Photography: Caitlin C

Captain of Robotics: Linnea M

Captain of Woodworking: Julian H

Captain of Media Production: Yasmeen G

Co-Captain of Debate:         Afyz M

Co-Captain of Debate:         Delaney B

Co-Captain of Model UN: Max Q

Co-Captain of Model UN: David M

Captain of Yearbook: Linnea M

Captain of Website News: Seo YR

Co-Captain of Choir: Romy G

Co-Captain of Choir: Natalie P

Drum Major of Wind Ensemble: David M

Concertmaster of String Ensemble: Tommy P

Co-Captain of Jazz Band: Raeanna W

Co-Captain of Jazz Band: Bethany W

Captain of Advanced Rock Band: Zaid K

Captain of Composition Band:        Kyle VW

Captain of Guitar Ensemble: Jade M

Ço-Captain of Dance: Lily S

Co-Captain of Dance: Julia S

Captain of Musical: Holly CH

Captain of Senior Play Sarah F

Co-Stage Manager for Technical Theatre     Kiera A

Co-Stage Manager for Technical Theatre     Olivia P

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