Arts 2013-14

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - By: Edna Widenmaier

“Both the man of science and the man of art live always at the edge of mystery.” J. Robert Oppenheimer

The calendar has returned us to September and the electric energy of the opening days of Arts registrations. Guided by their advisors and faculty, students select their courses for their Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon programme.

There are thirty arts offerings to select, delivered from 2 to 6pm across four blocks, and classes are customized as much as possible to accommodate levels of skill. For example, in 3D-Design, there are classes for beginning, experienced and advanced students.

We think it is important for Grade 9s to have as wide an experience as possible, so we have created a Foundation course that rotates each term through Drama, 2-D, and 3-D Art. Grade’s 9s are also able to select other courses to complement this rotation.

We encourage all students to make selections that will really engage them and encourage their creative sensibilities. In addition to this start up, both visual and performing arts faculty are looking ahead and selecting repertoire for upcoming concerts, performances and competitions, while in visual arts, they are discussing collaborative themes for gallery shows.

After the Terry Fox Run on Sunday, Sept. 8, students who wish to take private music lessons must register with Mr. Newns, Head of Music, in his office. If you wish to inquire about lesson for your child, please contact him via email at

The Arts Faculty at Brentwood is primarily composed of professional artist/teachers who work their craft as well as teach. They are passionate about encouraging and inspiring students to create and “educate their imaginations.”

Mrs. Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

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