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Sunday, March 15, 2015 - By: Robbie S, Privett ‘15

It hangs high upon the walls. It ignites halls. Does the watchful observer of modern art, however, truly find what they are seeking? The question is rhetorical. Art, though dubbed a conventional practice — or celebration of learning in some instances — veers off the beaten path of academia.

No piece of art is an 83 percent. Aspiring artists from a variety of backgrounds would undoubtedly say the same. Here, at Brentwood, we have just that. The tall doors of the arts building have acted as a safe haven for Brentwood’s artists, a place where truest thoughts are materialized, and creative minds take flight.

Evan S, Whitall ’15, is an advocate for this artistic platform, as he spends timeless hours within the confides of a quiet studio, building his dream. Recently, he submitted his portfolio to a plethora of fine arts institutions across Canada, as he hopes to pursue this perennial notion of self-expression through post-secondary and beyond.

Technology has proven to outdate prior workings. The hustle and bustle of what we call regular life can drown out the cries of the artists of this generation, who are the unsung heroes of today’s world. To have sovereignty of one’s emotions is to be an artist, as well as to have an innate ability to express, a trait that separates such from a blank-minded canvas. 

Set foot through the doors of the Brentwood art studio. Stop, look — and most importantly — think.  ​

Robbie S, Privett ‘15

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