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Friday, January 17, 2020 - By: Chloe C, Allard ‘21

This past weekend, the Senior Girls Basketball team opened their season with the Clyde Ogilvie Invitational Tournament, hosted at our very own Foote Center. The purpose of this event was to get to know the other teams in friendly competition, whilst perfecting our game strategies for future tournaments. Exhibitions like this are important to the forging of camaraderie and sportsmanship as we head into the season.

The girls played their first game against Duncan Christian. It was a smashing start to the tournament, ending with a 10 point win. The player of the game was none other than our captain, Rae W. Rae is our number one guard and has been with the Brentwood basketball program for a few years now. One of the more junior players, Bonnie Z, Mackenzie ‘21, says with pride that Rae “is a supportive captain, who people can trust thanks to her leadership skills and kindness”.

The tournament then got more challenging, but the girls pushed through. One of the spectators, Katelyn C, Allard ‘21, claimed that “The team showed their fight the whole game, which was inspiring.” Despite a few difficult losses, the girls improved and bonded together.

Our team is one of varying skill levels and experience, but it works. The team has only been complete for a few practices, with barely any time to prepare plays. Despite this, they worked together incredibly, mostly thanks to the coach’s work. Mr. Pasquale has just recently moved to Brentwood, yet already he has coached the girls to confidence.

Our next game is at Shawnigan on January 22.

Chloe C, Allard ‘21

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