AP Psychology 12 Mindfulness

Monday, December 03, 2018 - By: Ameera E, Allard ‘19

The AP Psychology 12 class at Brentwood encourages students to delve into the brain and its various functions, from the biology to the effects of one’s environment on their behavior and thinking. So far this year, our psychology class has learned about how to better improve our memory, the different compartments of the brain that affect how we as humans function, and how to become more happy and healthy people.

We were even given the opportunity to go to a mindfulness workshop in Shawnigan to practice meditation as a way to learn what effect mindfulness can have on the brain. 

As I settled down onto the soft cushions and closed my eyes, it was, at first, hard to fully engage and accept the idea of emptying my mind and focusing on what was around me, as well as what I was thinking about and feeling. But as we progressed through the class, it became more and more relaxing, allowing all of the students to immerse themselves in mindfulness meditation. By the end of the class, some students had even fallen asleep!

Focusing on the here and now, and being willing to accept what is rather than what was or what will be, is an important tool if one wants to be successful and happy in life. Jotei B, Allard ‘19 observed “After the workshop, I used some of the techniques, such as counting, imagining color and listening to the sound of my breath, to help me with my sleep. By paying attention to these things, I have found it easier to fall asleep at night.” 

This meditation workshop definitely helped to calm and open our minds to the power of focus and acceptance. Hopefully we’ll take these tools with us through our next psychology units.

Ameera E, Allard ‘19

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