AP English Literature & Composition

Sunday, May 02, 2021 - By: Damien B, Privett ‘21

The art of writing has been the outlet for countless authors and creatives for centuries, and will likely continue to develop for generations to come. At Brentwood, the AP English Lit course provides students the opportunity to read and understand thought-provoking poetry, prose and drama. It is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable courses to develop analytical writing skills and learn more about quality literature.

The English Department at Brentwood prides itself on its students’ abilities to write complex and intricate pieces as well as the important ability to decipher devices in popular literature. Obviously, Shakespeare comprises a considerable amount of study, but AP English Lit also investigates more obscure or unique works of literature in order to expand expertise and develop ulterior methods of writing.

To prepare for the AP exams in May, students are required to verse themselves with novels of literary merit. M. Collis Handford, who is currently standing in for Mr Ganley, has instructed us to “Pick one or two books that tackle a few different themes, and put tons of attention into understanding the language and motifs of those books” in preparation for one of the components of the AP English Lit Exam, the infamous FRQ#3.

Students have been hard at work practicing the different challenges we must complete for the AP English Literature & Composition in May, and I do not believe I am alone when stating that the teachers have been nothing but supportive and encouraging while remaining determined to strengthen our writing and comprehension skills. Although we are hard at work, and the course is quite challenging, Nazar S, Privett ‘21 argues “Hey, at least we don’t have to write it online. I hate typing” and I can not disagree.

Damien B, Privett ‘21

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