AP Comparative Government & Politics

Friday, March 02, 2018 - By: Luke H, Whittall ‘18

A favourite among the senior students, Comparative Government and Politics AP is designed to both intrigue and challenge. Mr. Wismer creates a unique atmosphere filled with debate and discussion around the core six countries that are studied in the course. The countries of interest are Britain, Mexico, China, Nigeria, Russia, and Iran and they provide immense diversity when it comes to in-class discussions. 

Topics which are heavily discussed include the political, social, geographic, economic, and geopolitical status of each of the core countries. Current events are often used to fuel the debates in class with many of the students keeping an eye on any news from our core six countries. 

Even though the course boasts some of the brightest from both the Grade 11 and 12 classes, the test and assignments are difficult and strenuous for every student. This is in an attempt to prepare the class for the upcoming AP exam in May. Mr Wismer reflected “This may be one of the brightest classes I’ve taught in the course.” He also expects a good result from the majority of his students when they challenge the exam in the spring. For now the students continue to study and work hard to maintain their place … in Mr. Wismer’s heart.

Luke H, Whittall ‘18

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