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Saturday, December 19, 2015 - By: Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16

“Do we have everyone?”

This was, unfortunately, the over-asked question of the weekend. Blaming it on being artsy and scattered, the Studio Art AP students—or “clamlings” as is the correct term—ran all over Vancouver this past Friday and Saturday trying to keep everyone together. We were led by our very own Mr. Luna – art/life teacher extraordinaire—and graciously accompanied by Ms. Chen.

After a morning ferry ride, we hopped onto the public bus with not-so-convenient portfolio bags in hand and trudged to the Vancouver Art Gallery. There, we saw various works of art from traditional Canadian landscapes, to mirror lined maze-like sculpture that we were encouraged to walk through and explore.

Next, we were off to the hotel to check in, and on to an early dinner. We split into groups to go in search of desirable sustenance. With some well-earned free time on the streets of Vancouver, we signed back in with Mr. Luna and were off to bed early in anticipation for the next busy day.

We awoke relatively early the next morning, gathered all of our belongings, and set a course for the bus station. Approximately 40 minutes later we were released on Granville island, heading straight for Emily Carr University to register for National Portfolio Day.

National Portfolio Day is a series of events held all over North America. Dozens of Universities send representatives to critique students’ portfolios, giving them feedback, advice, and their general thoughts on the art, the portfolio as a whole, and what might be a good choice for them post-secondary wise if they are thinking about Art school.

Students are given a choice about what schools they want to be critiqued by, and line of accordingly. The Emily Carr line was by far the longest, most likely due to the venue. Once we got through a particular line, we sat down with a representative and laid out or works. We were encouraged to talk about them and to show the thought process behind them by also presenting our sketchbooks and other works that inspired us.

Although we were mildly warned that in the past some people have left in tears, it seemed that all of the Art AP students had a positive experience. Many of us came away from the experience with fresh ideas and new aspects to consider.

After a much-anticipated visit by some of us to The Crystal Ark (gem shop), it was time to depart. We frolicked to the bus stop once again and found our way to the ferry terminal where surprisingly, despite rough weather, there were no delays.

We returned to campus just as Mack Open House was about to start: perfect timing. After a solid Sunday of rest, the Art AP students were then back in the studio preparing end-of-term portfolios and statements in place of an exam. 

More Art adventures surely await us.

Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16

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