Another Busy Day In Paradise

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - By: Bud Patel

I am a creature of routine.  My Sunday evenings include a family dinner, a dog walk with PJ and Mrs. Patel, and, not too long ago, watching the Oscars with my girls.  Additionally, like many of you, I take time to prepare for the upcoming week - meetings, to do’s, evening commitments, and notes – yes notes.  The hand-written note is a quickly fading gesture but, as I am perhaps a little old fashioned, I write notes to students, faculty, staff, and parents for their commitment to our School.  This past weekend I wrote ten cards to people that went above and beyond to make our students’ experience special.  While that ten could easily be fifty, I try to wait for the “right” moment to convey my thanks. In one Brentwood weekend, we had three qualified teams participate in the BC Provincial Debating Championships; fifteen Old Brentonians (and some others) present at Careers Day; Olympic Gold medalist Adam Kreek speak to the School on the power of Grit and Joy; a two day Board of Governors meeting; travelled to the Elk Lake Regatta; hosted the 15th Annual Ross Cup Hockey Tournament; and, completed a week-long run of Fiddler on the Roof.  Every student in our school was touched by one of more of these events.

An old boarding school expression is that a busy school is a happy school. While I acknowledge that we can get tired, ill, and stressed, it should not stop us from pushing to provide special experiences for our students.  Anything worth achieving will take some commitment, drive, and yes, a bit of stress.  We are equipped for this condition with Houseparents, Advisors, Teachers, Coaches, and the odd Head of School to support, guide, and focus our students.

This “typical” weekend is what makes us great.  Spring Break upon us so now we can recharge for an even more spectacular final term.  Thank you to our committed faculty/staff and students.

Enjoy your time off!

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