An Unexpected Welcome Back

Friday, January 21, 2022 - By: Grace D, Alex ‘22

Most students stepped back onto campus after Winter Break on Monday, January 10th, but for some, that return was delayed. With students back on campus, the laughter and excitement of reconnecting with friends was through the roof of all eight houses - for most.

For me, and others, Monday night was different, unexpected, and disappointing. We were greeted with a positive COVID test result instead of a hug from our roommates. From Monday onwards, numerous tests came back positive, but so far, all students are in good condition and on their way to full recovery. Although this virus is very contagious and an annoyance to our community, thanks to the Health Center staff - and very high rates of vaccination among students, staff, and in BC, we are in wonderful hands and getting the care we need.

All positive cases are escorted to the Deer Lodge Motel just off campus in Mill Bay, or if in driving distance, going home. This way students can rest and recover while isolating and not infecting others on campus. Meals are delivered to rooms, Zoom classes are an option for those who are well enough, and a positive attitude about recovery is maintained by all.

Finna B, Alex ‘24 says that “The motel was very cozy and I know the nurses have our recovery as their first interest, so thank you to all of them for working so hard to bring us back to health.” As you can see from the photo, the motel has a very nice view of the Saanich Inlet, Whiskey Point and Salt Spring Island .

Spirit Week was scheduled for January 15-22, but has been postponed until next week when - hopefully - more students are healthy and back on campus, ready to tackle interhouse challenges and fun activities around the school.

The nurses, houseparents, teachers, and COVID team deserve a huge thank you - this cannot be easy on any of them. They are working tirelessly to keep us safe, healthy, and most importantly, on campus with in-person learning.

Ainsley D, Alex ‘22 hopes “we are all healthy soon and can enjoy everything the school has to offer until June.”

As we approach the next few weeks, events around the school will hopefully return and, with that, will come more great memories to be made with an unexpected - but fun - storyline.

Grace D, Alex ‘22

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