An Amiable Amiel Baby Shower

Sunday, February 11, 2018 - By: Vivian F, Hope ‘18

On February 4th, the McNeill Centre was immersed in the contentment of pink. It was a paradise, with a delightful atmosphere and kind people. The sun has shining through the window, leaving a warm, fuzzy sensation on one’s skin on this beautiful winter day. Young ladies from Hope House dressed elegantly and smiled in a charming manner gathering together; they almost cannot contain their excitement. They have prepared a surprise for Mrs Amiel, who will have the good fortune to deliver her second baby later this month. Mrs Amiel, a kind, and caring duty staff in Hope House will soon share her elation with all the students in the house.  

At 1:00pm, Mrs Amiel walked into Crooks, not knowing what was in front of her. All the girls have long been ready, waiting for this moment of surprise to be revealed. As Mrs Amiel opened the door, a wave of screaming and shouting followed; girls standing in a half circle congratulated her with great excitement, presenting her with meaningful gifts. Mrs Amiel’s Grade 10 advisor group handed her flowers, hand-made cards and diapers. “It must be a thoughtful and practical gift” said Mackenzie. Mrs Amiel was almost moved to tears, and she expressed sentiments of gratitude to the Hope girls. It was a simple and relaxing time. We enjoyed sweet cupcakes and the subtle aroma of tea; we had completely immersed ourselves in the euphoria of this event. 

Next, MCs Eme L and Aiysha M called for attention, and the party moved on to the most exciting part. Hope Prefects had prepared two games: Build Your Diaper and Pin the Baby on Amiel. The former game began with a competitive tone. Each team rolled up their sleeves ready to build the sturdiest diaper. Within 90 seconds, they wrapped toilet paper around the lower body of one of their teammates, rushing and giggling. The McNeill Centre exploded in laughter. The later game began with a student spinning three times blindfolded, and the pinning the baby photo on the belly of an abstract drawing of Mrs Amiel. The game brought a lot of joy as members of the house watched each other embarrass themselves. 

Congratulation to Mrs Amiel and we all hope that the baby will be cute and healthy. Thank you to all of the Hope prefects that organized this thoughtful event and our two incredible MCs, Eme  & Aiysha. Thank you also to Ms Hedquist who provided support in the organization of this baby shower. This event was short, yet meaningful, and it left members of the house feeling more appreciative of each other’s company. 

Vivian F, Hope ‘18

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