American Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 -

In Canada, November is rarely on anyone’s ‘favorite month of the year’ list. It is easy to see why, as November can be likened to an off-ramp: its only purpose is to lead from one season to the next. The bountiful early fall, ripe with harvest and autumnal plenitudes quickly unfolds into a wintery gloom and November is the segue – perhaps even the culprit.

I think the American Thanksgiving is perfect in its timing. It stretches the season of reflection and appreciation deeper into the oncoming darkness of winter. In American culture, Thanksgiving is more than just turkey, pie and football; it is an event with no rival. It is about home, family, forgiveness and sharing.

At Brentwood College we have a long tradition of celebrating the American Thanksgiving, something appreciated by our extensive American student population. Families are invited to celebrate it with us – together with their Brentwood family. We tie this weekend together with a celebration of winter – through two evenings of song and reflection. It is a beautiful and symbolic few days and one of the highlights of the year.

I write this blog from the empty cocoon of my hotel room here in Istanbul. In reflecting about this coming weekend at Brentwood, I am suddenly ready to be home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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