Alumni Relive Their Glory Years

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: Bruno C & José-Pablo P, Whittall '18; Photo by Mrs. Gage

Last Saturday, April 16th, seven Old Brentonians went back in time, laced up their shoes, and competed against the current Brentwood Basketball team. Even though the Alumni team was less fit, they used their experience and beat us in the first 3 games. As we kept playing, however, they became fatigued and the younger crew overcame them. 

Although the game was just for fun, the boys wanted to show their best. During warm-up, we did not seem intimidated as Kadon Ricord, Privett '14, who after Brentwood headed to Vancouver to become a pilot, slam dunked on the opposite net. As we began playing, we demonstrated lots of vigor, but not a lot of good decisions. With the help of Devin Cvitanovich’s, Ellis '15 sharp shooting and David McKay’s, Privett '08 post play, they managed to keep the lead in the first few games. We struggled and turned the ball over in silly plays, but still determination was seen in all of our players’ faces. Later on Mr. Gage dressed up and played against his old players. Along with Mr. Gage's smart passes, Ozgur T’s, Whittall '16 hot hand gave us some wins.

After a while, we switched up the teams and had the chance to play with some of the alumni. 

It was a great experience for the Brentwood team to get to know these awesome guys and some of the accomplishments they had: Tyler Siceloff, Whittall '07 was House and Rugby Captain, Ray Kim, Whittall '08 Assistant House and Basketball Captain, Sam Silbergeld, Ellis '08 House Captain and Rugby Provincial Champion, and Fletcher Evans, Privett '06 Prefect and part of the First XV rugby team.

From here the Senior Basketball team goes on competing every Tuesday night in the Belmont Spring league. You can never get enough hoops!

Bruno C & José-Pablo P, Whittall '18; Photo by Mrs. Gage

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