Allard House

Sunday, July 16, 2017 - By: Linnea Munro, Allard House Captain '17; Photo Tegwyn Curtis, Allard '17

It feels like yesterday that Allard welcomed its young Mermaids to their new home away from home. From the moment we were on the field playing getting-to-know-you games, I knew that this year would be an adventure.

We began the year, not only welcoming new girls, but also welcoming our new Assistant House Parent, Mrs. Smith, and her family: Mr. Smith, Phoebe, Sebastian, and Pera. Mrs. Smith quickly learned the twist and turns of being a mother to 67 more girls.

With Gwynn groups, prep Tim’s runs, and late night snickering, Allard has become a place full of life-long friends and memories. Allard prides itself on its unwavering traditions which include capturing a little Privett boy during Orientation, Secret Santa, and waking up the entire school on the final morning. Without these traditions, Allard wouldn’t be the amazing house that it is. 

The fine line between suspicious antics and harmless shenanigans is determined by our amazing duty staff: Ms Fougner, Mrs Reynolds, Mr Carr, & Mrs Olszewski. Without these lovely people constantly on our tails, Allard would likely have collapsed by now.

The most important people to keeping the house intact are Mrs Carr, Mrs Smith, and our RFA, Ms Tarrant. We do not show nearly enough appreciation for how much work these amazing women do. Mrs Carr, with her constantly whimsical and astute nature, Mrs Smith, with her nurturing and curious demeanor, and Ms Tarrant with her active and spirited perspective.

As this year quickly comes to a close, many of us are slowly realizing the swift pace with which this year has gone by. Come June, the house, as it is now, will become just a memory. Grade 9s, stay sweet and humble; be mentors to next year 9s. Grade 10s, stay dedicated and thoughtful; persist through the years ahead. Grade 11s, stay strong and vivacious; make your final marks on the house and the school. And, finally, Grade 12s, stay insightful and resilient; don’t forget your roots.

With love, Linnea Munro, Allard House Captain '17

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