Allard House Mermaid Migrations

Saturday, July 30, 2022 - By: Gabi Casals, Allard House Captain ‘22; Photo by Paul Fletcher

The commencement of Allard’s 2021-2022 year was certainly one to remember. With the addition of 39 new members of our Coral Reef, the energy of our house was at a new peak during September Orientation. I worked alongside all the returning members of Allard to help welcome new girls and get them settled into their new home. With a powerful house of 71 Mermaids, I was stoked to see how our year would progress.

Allard is known amongst many as “the chill house”. Despite being full of personality, we take pride in our abilities to form connections with everyone in our house and exhibit robust bonds and a passion for friendship. The guidance and support provided by the Grade 12s this year as they role modeled for the younger grades and prospective leaders was admirable. As prefects and leaders we keep in touch with Allard traditions like in-house breakfasts, Mermaid tuck-ins, “Getter done” awards, #1 inspection winners, and more. No matter the time of year, there is always enthusiasm to be found within Allard’s walls.

In Allard we include and appreciate Mermaids of all backgrounds, not tolerating discrimination on any basis. Our Grade 8s exhibit kindness beyond their years, our 9s are hardworking and adaptable, our 10s are social butterflies who are always causing a ruckus, our 11s are mature and enthusiastic prospective leaders, and our Grade 12s are a close-knit group of girls who strive for excellence.

The duty staff of Allard cannot go unnoticed. Mrs Amiel, the first and only Allard Houseparent I’ve ever known, has guided all the girls during her time in Allard and works hard to be there for everyone throughout even the hardest parts of the year. As she steps down as Houseparent to spend some much-deserved time with her family, we will always remember her youthful attitude, radiant wisdom, unrelenting care, and the memories she’s made with all of us. Mr Smith, our Assistant Houseparent, nourishes the house with his homemade bread, tutors all of us in math, is certainly the best ukulele songwriter on campus, and sparks joy in all of us. Working alongside our favorite big sister, Ms Barnes, Allard is led by an incredible group of compassionate, intelligent, and lively people who no doubt leave a positive impact on our house.

As I continue my journey past Brentwood, I will revere my years in Allard as my second home and wish the best for the house and its members in the years to come. I thank everyone who has been a loving part of my Allard family. Farewell to the absolute best house on campus. Hopefully I live to see the day we win Interhouse.

Gabi Casals, Allard House Captain ‘22

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