Allard House 2014-2015 - Under the Sea

Wednesday, September 02, 2015 - By: Natalie Lawrence, Allard House Captain

After living in Allard for three years, I can say one thing for sure: Allard mermaids swim together against the common current. Whether in excitement as we get ready for Fun and Games, or in disapproval as we sigh when #1 inspection is announced, whether we open up and become closer, or it is time for one of us to be apart, we always stand next to each other, never forgetting, never leaving anyone behind.

From rocking the orange and teal pride at interhouse, to endless waffle/sundae parties, movie nights, Gwynn groups, bonfires, and ‘criminal minds’, every moment is bonding. I’m very proud of this year’s mermaids for putting together the most beautifully decorated open house, and an exciting VSFS for all!

This house wouldn’t be the same without the love and support of our staff. A huge thank you to Ms. Fougner, Mr. Carr, Mrs. Reynolds, Ms. Klepl and Ms. White for being on top of things and making us study hard every night. A special thank you to our Assistant Houseparent, Mrs. Olszewski, who manages to put a smile on our faces every day. You are always there to listen and understand us when we are having issues or simply during late night talks. You help keep the house young and positive.

And of course, our lovely Houseparent, Mrs. “Mama C” Carr. You put your heart and soul into the happiness and well-being of every one of the 70 girls in Allard. Thank you for putting up with all our drama and for never giving up on us. It is inspiring to be a witness to the immense warmth in your heart.

Grade 9s: From quiet, shy creatures you have evolved into the loudest group of people I’ve met. Always keep a bit of your free spirit with you. Grade 10s: The ‘social butterflies’. You have a tough academic year ahead of you; make sure you balance your time and make the best out of the year. Grade 11s:  No matter what happens, stay together and be there for each other. Enjoy your last year. Grade 12s: Thank you for always being there to support others when they needed it. Good luck in your next adventure.

Natalie Lawrence, Allard House Captain

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