Allard House

Friday, July 06, 2018 - By: Sofía Galban Patterson, House Captain; Photo by Paul Fletcher

Another year has flown by. A bittersweet feeling sits with all of us as we look back on what’s happened this year. With both tons of new faces, and a new Assistant Houseparent, Mr Smith (ex-Privett dutymaster and math genius) we knew we were in for a treat. Adapting to the mermaid lifestyle is not an easy task, but after only a few days, all our new girls were settled in their new home. 

For anyone on the outside, it is hard to know what it’s really like to live in Allard. From capturing the smallest Privett boy, Tim’s runs during prep, in-house breakfasts, Gwynn Groups, waffle parties, and waking up the entire school on the last day, there is never a dull moment. Whether its repping teal and orange at interhouse, or performing a beautiful rendition of Africa at acapella, every moment brings us closer together as a house. 

Allard wouldn’t be the way it is without the love and support of the duty staff. To Mr Carr, Mrs Reynolds, Ms Olszewski, and Ms Fougner, thank you for keeping all of us on top of our studies week after week. Our amazing RFA Ms Ostopovich and senior RFA Ms Tarrant and their dogs, Boris and Henry, were another lovely addition to the house. A special thank you to Mr Smith, for motivating us and urging us to find the beauty of math. And to Mrs Carr, our wonderful houseparent. Thank you for your guidance and endless support. Your dedication and love for each of us is evident: it keeps the house going. 

Grade 9s, you each radiate positivity and free spiritedness. Keep a piece of that with you as you move forward. Grade 10s, as you transition into the senior school be sure to stay on top of studies, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Grade 11s, you will be the new leaders of the house: stick together and support each other. Cherish your final year of high school. And to the Grade 12s, whether you’ve been here for a year or you are a lifer, this chapter has come to a close. I wish you all the best in your next adventures. 

Sofía Galban Patterson, House Captain 

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