Sunday, August 25, 2019 - By: Haley Hockin, House Captain, 19

It’s always daunting to come back to Brentwood in September, look at the numerous new faces in Allard, and think, we’ve got to make this a home. But now, writing this in May, I can confidently say that the intimidating task has been achieved once again. It’s never an intentional or forced doing. Waffle parties turn into movie nights which transition into sleepovers and ultimately, give us all in Allard a sense of family.
This year, however, was even more special than the others. 2019 was our beloved Housemother Mrs Carr’s last year in Allard. Mrs Carr has gone above and beyond to show this house so much love. Because of her, we don’t think about coming back to our dorm rooms after a long day but instead, about coming back home.

Mrs Carr was accompanied by an amazing house staff, people whom we had the opportunity to get to spend the year with. Mr Carr, Mrs Reynolds, Ms Guffens, Ms Fougner & Ms Arkert grace us with their presence one night of the week, and those nights are never shorts of laughs. Without them, we would’ve completed no homework and also be missing out on our favorite hours of the day. And when it couldn’t get any better, Mr Smith comes in as our favorite House Dad who offers us an abundance of Dad jokes, love & math help. It’s these people to whom we attribute so much of what we accomplish.

And now to the girls. Grade 9s, from the first day you came to Allard, you’ve all been amazing. I’m so excited for you to continue growing into the incredible human beings you already are. Grade 10s, you’re a wild bunch but you add the much-needed energy to this house. Never lose your goofy smiles. Grade 11s, I’m confident that you’ll do an amazing job next year as prefects. You have the intelligence and the kindness to make this house an even better place. And finally, Grade 12s. Over this year, we have become our own version of a unique and dysfunctional family and I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up alongside any other group of girls.

Haley Hockin, House Captain, 19

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