Alexandra House 2016-17

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - By: Chidinma Ayadiuno, ‘17, Alexandra House Captain; Photo by Jim Ganley

June marks the end of another unforgettable year of traditions in Alex House, yet also the beginning of a new chapter. This past year we welcomed many new faces and personalities into Alexandra. From the littlest of Grade 9s to the Lifers in Grade 12, this year created a host of memories to last a lifetime. Birthday parties with DQ cakes, Big Little Sister Groups and Movie Nights are just some of the activities in which the girls participated through the year to stay happy and engaged. 

In-house breakfasts were particularly popular events in the House: prepared by the Grade 12s, the menus often consisted of bacon, cinnamon buns, croissants, crepes and much more. Annual traditions like decorating gingerbread houses and playing our house-wide game of Assassin - in which we included our brother House Whittall for the first time this year - are great examples of both whole house bonding and Dino Fam bonding. This year’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse themed Open House was a hit. Participants attended dressed as anything from Doctor Barbie to PJ Party Barbie, often with Kens to match! The Polar Bear Swim, not so popular among the juniors but a crowd favourite with the Grade 12 Prefects, followed by an in-house breakfast, was Alex House’s most famous tradition this year. 

A special thanks to Mrs. Mais for her guidance and her ability to always bring a smile to our faces, nor can we forget Mrs. Warner, a constant pillar of support and love, and her adorable children. Gigantic thanks also to the rest of the Alex House duty staff for keeping our House running smoothly throughout the week. 

Each and every girl in our House created a busy environment of family, which will be greatly missed by the Grade 12s graduating this year. As House Captain, I leave this year with a bittersweet taste in my mouth, ready for the future, but sad to leave my family that I have built here.

Chidinma Ayadiuno, ‘17, Alexandra House Captain 

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