Alexandra House

Wednesday, July 04, 2018 - By: Aidan Martin, Alex House Captain; Photo by Paul Fletcher

September brought over 20 new faces into our home as the returning girls enthusiastically and lovingly helped them adapt to the busy Brentwood life and sisterhood that is Alex House. Quickly, the house environment became full of energy and giggles.

As always, the girls took part in many traditions. These included multiple events with our brother house, Whittall. We bowled, skated, ate sundaes, and had hangouts in their common room. Within Alex, the Grade 12s hosted in-house breakfasts, Big Little Sisters, our ‘Space Jam’ Open House, and the very popular Polar Bear Swim. Stepping up to leadership, the Grade 11s organized an entertaining evening for the house: a fashion show starring the Grade 12 girls.

Between having to settle boisterous gatherings in the kitchen and chasing girls around to do their house jobs, our wonderful duty staff always carried out their roles with smiles and a few bad jokes (especially in Mr Warner’s case). Thank you to Mr Warner, Ms MacInnis, Ms Ramundi, Ms Richardson, Ms Phillips, and Mrs Whitney for being positive and encouraging members of our community.

Our assistant Houseparent, Mrs Warner, is truly extraordinary. Her two adorable and energetic children, Finley and Sullivan, are just one half of the families she takes care of (the other being 50 teenage girls). Her patience and kindness are inspiring.

Our lovely Houseparent, Maisy, is, without a doubt, our rock. She teaches us to be respectable ladies while nurturing and loving us wholeheartedly. With her 25th year as a houseparent under her perfectly colour-coordinated belt, she is enthusiastic to continue supporting the Alex girls for a while longer.

Grade 9s: Have fun! Make as many memories as you can.

Grade 10s: Take time to focus; studies get a lot more difficult as a senior.

Grade 11s: Don’t take anything for granted, the year goes by quickly. You’re in charge now, but remember to still have fun.

Grade 12s: Good luck wherever your journey takes you. ❤︎

Love, Aidan Martin, Alex House Captain

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