Alex-Whittall: Escape From Campus

Thursday, May 19, 2022 - By: Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

The Alex-Whittall twelves escaped campus last weekend for a fun excursion in Victoria. This Sunday trip entailed an escape room and roaming the streets of downtown Victoria.

We were split up into three groups and sent off to separate escape rooms. Rumour has it Mr Gage was hoping we would never make it out - who can blame him? Escape rooms have a series of puzzles which need to be collectively solved to make it out before the allotted time.

One group had no trouble at all. The second cut it close - but made it out just in time. The third group … Let's just say we struggled, coming short after failing to count how many keys are on a piano. No, it's not 80!!!

A disappointed Caiden T, Whittall ‘22, looked on the bright side: “The staff were nice and the room was unique; it didn’t look tacky.” You’re sure to find him back soon as he would not let go of the tough defeat. None of us heard the end of it.

Following the escape room, students enjoyed draining their bank accounts shopping at the array of clothing stores and eating at the delicious restaurants found downtown.

A drenched and tired Mrs Langer said, “Going to Victoria with the Alex-Whittall twelves was fun-filled and action packed. Escape room records were set and the rain was enjoyed by all.”

Thank you to Mrs Warner, Mrs Langer, Mr Langer, transportation staff, escape room staff, and everyone else who was involved in the planning of this trip. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us; many of the last-minute no shows were very jealous of missing out.

“Gather ye rosebuds”.

Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

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