Alex House 2014-2015

Wednesday, September 02, 2015 - By: Sally Seo, Alex House Captain; Photo by Joe K, Whittall '16

With fresh new faces and excited returning girls, Alex House has undoubtedly enjoyed a fabulous 2014-2015 year full of laughs, fun, and above all, sisterhood. Through the memorable Alex House traditions we savored together such as the our Grease themed open house, BBQs, bowling with Whittall, Assassin, polar bear swim, and in-house breakfasts (to name a few) we have been lucky to grow together this year as such fabulous sisters.

The Grade 9s, as usual, entered Alex shyly and became everyone's alarm clock by the 2nd week with their boisterous, giggly energy. These dynamic girls have quickly adjusted to the house routine and have happily found comfort in Alex.

With the final goodbye to their junior years, the Grade 10s have definitely made the most of their fun-packed year. Practically doubling in number from last year’s 9s, these girls have really developed strong bonds and have matured immensely as bright young women.

Tackling fiercely their first year of senior workload, our dedicated Grade 11s have gracefully completed a successful year. With their integrity, enthusiasm and love for the house, I am certain that Alex will continue its flawless legacy under their terrific leadership next year.

Last, but certainly not least, the 20 extraordinary prefects of Alex. I have been so fortunate to progress and graduate with such compassionate people. We have happily led our house together with wisdom and care. I know that a part of us will always be with Alex House and Alex House with us.

My sincere gratitude goes to Mrs. Mais and the Warners for nurturing us to be strong, caring young women even when, at times, we act about the same age as baby Finley, and to our dearest duty staff for lovingly keeping us in check. It's definitely an understatement to say that Alex House will be remembered as our home! Stay golden (and of course purple) and remember, in the wise words of our wise Jamaican mom, DON'T BE A QUICK CHICK!

With lots of love always for my Alex House Baes, 

Sally Seo, Alex House Captain

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