Airband: A Fortnight Away

Thursday, October 14, 2021 - By: Will P, Whittall ‘22

Folks, the moment has almost arrived. In just two weeks’ time, after countless meetings and rehearsals, Brentwood will host a show for the ages. Airband 2021 is almost here, and it’s going to be better than ever.

Airband is far more than just another interhouse competition: it is an otherworldly experience. On Friday, October 29th, our school will come together, first with the juniors and then with the seniors, to showcase our performing talents. Dances can be organized either by individual houses or by brother-sister houses, all with the aim of maximizing entertainment and racking up as many interhouse points as possible. This is a big one, so points are most definitely on the table.

This year, each group is faced with a simple task: create a routine between 90 seconds and three minutes that satisfies the following categories: lip-synching, costumes, props, choreography, and overall production. Performances will be judged, as always, by a carefully selected group of staff members who are notorious for their ruthlessness.

As far as interhouse standings go, this single event can throw everything into utter chaos. A strong performance at Airband can propel a brother/sister house to glory or it can plummet it into darkness. At this point in the year, there really is all to play for, so, despite strong starts from perennial contenders Mack/Ellis and Hope/Privett, the opportunity is there for Alex/Whittall to continue their Airband dominance and rocket up the standings, or even for Allard/Rogers to silence the doubters and prove to the world that their fortunes are ascending.

With big things expected from his group, Whittall Co-Interhouse Captain Santiago E, Whittall ‘22, is certainly feeling the pressure: “Airband is a huge event and we all want to make sure we walk away from it with as many points as possible. All of the houses are putting in the extra effort for the 29th and I can’t wait to see all the performances.”  

Regardless of the outcome, Airband will be a night to remember, and with only two weeks to go, everybody is feeling the hype. No one, however, is feeling the hype more than Grad Class President Philip A, Rogers ‘22: “Airband is one of the highlights of a regular school year at Brentwood. The “America’s Got Talent” feel of it, as well as competing against other houses makes the event a complete success not only for students, but for any lucky viewer in person or over livestream.”

Get ready, Brentwood. It’s only two weeks away.

Will P, Whittall ‘22

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