Advancing to North Islands

Sunday, May 05, 2019 - By: Ashley D & Willemijn P ‘19

After the exhausting ISA tournament over the Regatta Weekend, the Senior Girls Soccer team rose to the occasion and delivered our best play at a season-altering game last Tuesday. We were up against Kwalikum, an unknown opponent. The girls were very proud of the 5-1 win and an advancement to the North Island Championships in Campbell River. 

After having many shots and chances during the first half, Reece FR walked the ball right into the back of the net. The pressure was off of our backs, temporarily, but soon the Kwalikum striker got past the backline and carefully placed the ball in the back of our net. At half time the score was 1-1, but we did not let this discourage us.

In the second half of the game, we played with a strong backline, crisp passes and a vision. We were not going to leave the pitch without putting our blood, sweat and tears into the final half. Early on, Jocelyn L scored with a screamer of a shot from 30 yards out that bolted past the goalkeeper’s outstretched arms, but that wasn't the end because Natalie B, Reece FR and Ashley C  also strategically tallied. The girls were thrilled about their win and are ready to compete in North Islands tomorrow.    

Ashley D & Willemijn P ‘19

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