Adapting and Ascending

Saturday, May 02, 2020 - By: Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34 Writing from Cobble Hill

One thing Brentwood students and faculty can probably agree on is we all  appreciate having our Saturday mornings free.

That, however, does not mean we're all lying in bed until noon.

I drove over to the Norman / Richardson home this morning to make a contribution of returnable cans and bottles to contribute to the BEAT’s initiative of raising funds for local charities. Before I dropped off my empties, I ran into the two Mr. Normans, Dan and Jacob, hard at work on an overhanging climbing wall attached to their garden shed.

Jacob plans to use the wall for his own training, and to invite local climbers to use it as well - as long as they keep their distance, of course.

What are you doing with your Saturday mornings? :-)

Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34

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