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Friday, May 29, 2020 - By: Grace M, Alex ‘20

The struggle to stay motivated is one that many face right now in isolation, and for Will and me, workouts are never easy to get into, but on Thursday, May 5, we were cheered on by Ms Scheck, Ms Ostopovich and our virtual workout buddies through an intense leg and core workout!

For those of you who participated, you would have seen me absolutely destroy Will in the workout (it’s hard being the more athletic twin) but even for a super-athlete like myself, it was no easy task. The mix of doing 30 ski jumpers followed by 15 air squats for 12 minutes seemed straightforward and simple when we first read the workout plan, but within the first minute, we learned we really needed to work on our cardio.

Lucky for me, Will was there to distract viewers from my weakening energy. While he might have been better in the leg section, core is really where I proved my dominance as the better twin. Doing three minutes of V-ups wasn’t easy, but luckily for me, my girl’s weight training class at school had prepared me for this.

We ended the session with a deep stretch, but I can say with certainty that I will still be sore tomorrow.

Thank you Ms. Ostopovich and Ms. Scheck for the workout today!

Grace M, Alex ‘20

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