Accounting 12's Annual Stock Market Game

Saturday, May 29, 2021 - By: Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

With the students of Financial Accounting 12 finishing up their most recent project, a self evaluation of their performance and things learned while playing the Stock Market Game, it gave them the opportunity to look back and reflect on their either booming, high-profiting stock purchases, or their most regretted buys in the intense virtual stock market game.

The game got off to a rapid start with many making “good” purchases that they would soon come to realize were an absolute waste of their virtual money. Each student was given $100,000 in the virtual stock market simulator, MarketWatch. The simulator keeps up with real time stock exchanges around the world. Students were bouncing around all over the leaderboard with game-changing purchases one day and almost sending themselves to bankruptcy the next.

A wise piece of advice the teacher of the class, Mr Gage, gave to us was “Don’t let your emotions interfere with your purchasing decisions”. Of course, it was almost impossible for many people to follow this as it was some of their first times buying a stock and whether it was real or not, it had emotional value tied in. Simon G, Whittall ‘21, who was in last place when the game ended said: “I probably should have listened to Mr Gage, and stayed away from the crypto currency”.

The student crowned victorious at the end of the competition, Nate P, Rogers ‘21, was regularly asked how he maintained his almost perfect position of first place throughout the game. The answer was always short and simple: “I bought GameStop”. Zoya M, Allard ‘21 took second place and Luca H, Privett ‘21 clinched third place after a rough start.

Other students felt their tireless research and understanding of the stock market was useless because the first place winner was so dead set on a single stock and it landed him in first place. Some would call it luck and others would call it genius, but regardless of what people say, he was the rightful winner.

Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

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