Academics Update

Thursday, February 06, 2014 - By: Dave McCarthy

This term Grade 9 students have been working on a variety of projects in their 21st Century Studies classes. Digital skills coordinator, David Hladik, has been helping teachers integrate some technology skills into the projects, in particular the ability to create 2D digital posters. The techniques involved were new to most students and took a couple of classes to get the hang of. They were then able to “layer” images, texts, and backgrounds into interesting and creative designs that provided a very professional look to the poster.

The same skills were put to use in health education classes organized by guidance counselor Andrea Felix. Students created posters for the Grade 10 Drug Awareness day, highlighting the health risks of various drugs from alcohol to heroine. Using creativity, combining it with technology skills, and having an authentic use for the “product” are all hallmarks of projects that are meaningful and engaging.

As the Grade 9s move on to their next activity (The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative) they will add an experiential dimension to their projects by visiting various local charities. Technology skills will then come into play to research and present information about a chosen organization. The best presentation will win a $5000 cheque for the charity donated by the Toskan Cascale Foundation . Authenticity is a “buzzword” in education but projects such as these provide meaning to learning and helps connect students to the world around them in ways that no text, film, or lecture could.

Mr. Dave McCarthy, Director of Academics

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