Thursday, June 04, 2015 -

This month was a busy one in the Modern Languages Department. First, we participated in the Celebration of French Speech Contest at the school and provincial level. One of our students, Leila M, finished 4th in her category. On the faculty side of things, Ms. Sharon Hall recently participated in a conference in Vancouver about "Story Telling". This is a new communication activity we would like to implement next year in our language classes. Mrs. Ashley Beatty’s French 11 students, coached by members of the Debate and Model United Nations programme, competed in a Canadian National Debate Format (CNDF) style debate tournament, examining contemporary issues from a range of perspectives and articulating their arguments en Francais.

Marco Hernandez, Head of Modern Languages

The English Department also had much to celebrate in recent provincial exam results. The Grade 12s averaged 84%, considerably above the provincial average of 68%. The following 12s achieved 95% or more on their provincial: Claire A, Maddie A, Toby CH, Rebecca D, Felix K, Rachel M, Sean M, Samantha P, Tyler P, Jordan S, & Anita A-M with 99%. The following 10s did the same: Derek A, Gina B, Delaney B, Nicole C, Caitlin C, Tegwyn C, Tori E, Yasmeen G, Kavi G, Johanna H, Dina I, Silas L, Madison P, Sarah R, Andrew W & Cam Worthington-Wilmer. Bethany W & Afyz M both scored scored 100%.

Mr. Paul Collis, Head of English

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