Academic Aggravation

Saturday, June 05, 2021 - By: Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

Every year at Brentwood, exam week is held in June as a way for teachers to observe what their students have learned during the entire school year. This week is often dreaded by most students, but for some it serves as a much-needed grade booster to end off their nine month year of education at Brentwood.

The week usually involves an enormous amount of studying, but for this year, exams will look just a little bit different. Most of the school’s academic courses have chosen to assign a final assignment/project for students to complete with the week’s title being changed more formally to Final Assessments. There are, however, still a few teachers who have opted to conduct a normal exam which is going to be much shorter than previous years due to the time restrictions put in place.

With exam week comes the end of the school year and with that comes House traditions. House outings and dinners are among the events that take place throughout the week. Along with these, grade barbeques are held at Mr Patel’s house which serves as a nice time to sit back and reflect on the action-packed, and at times Covid-19-challenging school year everyone has experienced.

Deputy Head of School and Head of Academics Ms Murtland says that “We hope that the week of final assessments allows students the chance to feel a sense of completion and satisfaction in all that they have achieved this year.” Housemate Will P, Whittall ‘22, says “I’m happy for this unique opportunity to show what I have learned this year and I’m excited for all our hard work to pay off.”

With the week ahead sure to be one for the history books, everyone throughout the Brentwood community is eager to see just how this year compares to others in the past. My hope is that if this week is a success, that the school will continue to host final assessments in this exact same manner for the foreseeable future!

Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

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