ABC Legislature Visit

Thursday, November 02, 2017 - By: Sebastian MC, Ellis ‘19 & Jake G, Ellis ‘19

The month of September brought feelings of excitement to be back at school. The month of October brought feelings of excitement to the Political Science 11 class due to a visit to the BC Legislature in Victoria on October 3rd. Throughout our visit to the Legislature we received many opportunities to explore and learn not only about Question Period but about the history of the British Columbia Parliament buildings -and present day party leaders.

This field trip was an eye-opening opportunity for Political Science 11, allowing us to see, in person, how Parliament really operates. The day began with a tour of the Parliament building where the class learned about the history of the BC Legislature. There were many interesting things to hear about, including stain-glassed windows celebrating Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II, the BC coat of arms, and a hand-carved canoe which was donated by a past Lieutenant Governor. 

Before attending Question Period, we had a brief discussion with Sonia Furstenau, Green Party MLA from our Cowichan Valley. The highlight of the excursion, however, was most definitely our time during Question Period and afterwards, in the office of Green Party Leader, Dr Andrew Weaver. 

Question Period seemed chaotic and even comical at times, including MLAs mocking each other: we had the opportunity to see the government at work at its most raw. Following question period, we were lucky enough to be invited into the office of Dr Weaver. We discussed many things, including the different types of bills he has helped propose and pass, including one that means high heels can no longer be made a mandatory part of a waitresses’ uniform in BC. Our teacher, Mr. Wismer, was loving every minute of his day and his excitement was infectious. 

Though it was an exhausting day, it was well worth the trip.

Sebastian MC, Ellis ‘19 & Jake G, Ellis ‘19

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