A Well-Deserved Break

Wednesday, November 02, 2016 -

After a very active and challenging few months, Brentwood students are anticipating a well-deserved break. Although most students are travelling home, many of the international students will not necessarily have that chance this weekend: that might have to wait for Christmas Break. Instead, they might be going to a friend’s house or a relative’s to relax for a while. “Spending time at home is much more appreciated after being at Brentwood for a couple months” says Cayley S, Allard ‘17. 

With university research and applications a big topic of conversation for the Grade 12s, 43 of them are going on the eastern Canada University Tour with Mr. Rodriguez, Ms. Beausoleil & Mrs. Coull. These students will be exploring some of the best schools in Canada such as U of T, Queen’s and McGill. 

With midterm falling over a weekend, Mr. Carr and Mrs. Sage are taking the opportunity to take 28 rowers down to Seattle to participate in The Frostbite Regatta as well as The Head of the Lake Regatta. “I'm excited to go down to Seattle to, hopefully, beat some crews and come home with some hardware” says Riley T, Rogers ‘18. As you may already know, the First 11 Field Hockey team is in Surrey battling at the provincial championships. The final school trip will feature Nurse Jasmin taking students to Tofino to enjoy a stormy weekend on the rugged Pacific coast. 

We hope our students and staff get all the rest and sleep that they have been looking forward to: that they take time to relax and spend time with their family and friends. 

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